The EEA in collaboration with its partners held a dissemination workshop on GPG

The Ethiopian Economics Association (EEA), in collaboration with Vassar College from USA, the New York University from Abu Dhabi, and College of Development Studies of Addis Ababa University, has held a dissemination workshop on “Global Foundational Analysis to Close Gender Profitability “GPG” funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Dr. Amdissa Teshome, the president of the EEA has made a welcome and opening speech. In his speeches, Dr. Amdissa has thanked the team for undertaking deeper analysis on gender profitability gap both at global and national levels, and identifying the socio-economic barriers the women face in Ethiopia and beyond. Dr. Amdissa has also thanked all the participants especially participants from Uganda, Ghana and the USA. He also appreciated the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for funding this important project.

A total of 60 participants from different stakeholders including the house of people representatives of the FDRE, federal and regional policy makers, private sectors, Banks, CSOs, NGOs, Universities, development partners, and other key stakeholders attended the workshop.

During the workshop, the findings of 10 research activities were presented and discussed. Dr. Gisella Kagy from Vassar College, Dr. Dgye Goshu from the EEA, and Dr. Kidist G/Silassie from Center or Africain and Oriental studies of AAU have made presentations that focuses on global component of gender profitability gap analysis. Dr. Abule Mehare, the GPG project postdoc fellow at EEA moderated the presentations on the findings of the global component.

In the afternoon session, Dr. Adem Feto from the EEA, Mr. Befikadu Ejeta, Dr. Assefa Seyoum and Dr. Solomon Tsehay from AAU have made presentations on the national component of the project. Dr. Semeneh Bessie from the EEA wasa moderator for the national component research presentations.

Appreciating the EEA’s effort for organizing such a valuable dissemination workshop, the participants have raised questions and provided positive feedback that enhance the collaboration between the EEA and the government and foster the implementation of the EEA’s evidence based recommendations.

In the closing session, Professor Mengistu Ketema has shown his gratefulness for having key government officials, specially the house of the peoples’ representatives’ social affair standing committee for their continued attendance on the EEA’s events, and willingness to further strengthen the cooperation between the EEA and FDRE government. Prof. Mengistu Ketema has also underlined the EEA’s firm commitment to closely work with the FDRE government and partners that have common interest with the EEA. Finally, Prof Mengistu has greatly appreciated those who came from outside Ethiopia traveling long distances, participants who came from regions and Addis Ababa, the EEA staff for organizing the event and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for financing the research and the event.

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