The EEA in Collaboration with UNICEF Conducted Workshop at Hawassa on Budget and Expenditure Analysis

The EEA in collaboration with UNICEF Ethiopia had conducted a workshop on budget and expenditure analysis for the SNNPR, on august 16, 2022 at Central Hawassa Hotel. A total of 32 invited participants from different sectors of the SNNPR including Health, Education, and Water and SNNPR plan and development Commission attended the workshop. Dr. Semeneh Bessie partnership and communication director of the EEA has made a welcome speech. In his speech, Dr. Semeneh thanked those who participated in the data collection and in providing other necessary support to the EEA for undertaking the analysis. He also briefly introduced the EEA at a glance, and promised to continue its support to the regional government.

Following the welcome address, H.E Ato Teferi Abate, the SNNPR finance bureau head has made an official opening speech. In his speech, he pointed out that quality data management is crucial for the regional planning and equitable resource allocation in the region. He also promised that the regional government will be committed to work closely with the EEA. Finally, Ato Teferi requested the participants to actively take part and provided valid and reliable feedback to the EEA regarding the budget and expenditure analysis for SNNP regional state.

After the opening speech, Dr. Adem Feto, Dr. Lamessa Tariku, Dr. Arega Shumeta senior researchers at EEA, made presentations on the key findings of the SNNP regional budget and expenditure analysis; and sectoral level budget and expenditure analysis of education, health and water sectors.

After the presentations, participants raised questions, comments and suggestions, and the presenters reflected their views on the questions raised by the participants. Participants were arranged into small groups and intensive discussions were made with the participants.They identified gaps on the budget utilization of the regional state based on secondary data sourced from the regional finance and sectorial bureaus. The outputs of the research will be communicated with a validation workshop to be organized with the SNNP region after finalizing the research and incorporating the comments raised during the event. The research and workshop budget was covered by UNICEF. The EEA will organize similar consultation workshops in the Amhara regional state in the near future.Partnership and Communication Division, EEA

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