The EEA Organized Validation Workshop on Women Empowerment in Ethiopia

The Ethiopian Economics Association (EEA) held a validation workshop on Women Empowerment in Ethiopia with financial support from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) under the grand project “Global Foundational Analysis to Close Gender Profitability (GPG)’ project under a ‘summer school program’. The program was designed for young Ethiopian researchers mentored by the EEA staff. A total of 42 participants from different stakeholders have attended the event.

The workshop was opened with welcoming and opening address by Professor Mengistu Ketema, the CEO of the EEA. In this remark, Prof Mengistu has emphasized that the EEA will further improve the participation of women and youth in the EEA’s affair.

Following the welcome and opening address, nine presentations were made in two sessions. In the first session, four papers focusing on financial inclusion and women economic empowerment were presented by Mengesha Endashew, Abdroman Ebrahim, Etsehiwot Semereab, and Abrham Mengistu. This session was moderated by Dr. Adem Feto from the EEA.  After a discussion on the first session presentations, five presentations were made in the second session on “Gender Productivity Gap and Women in labor market” by Tsegaye Mulugeta, Yaregal Tilahu, Takele Abdissa, Mebratu Mengesha, and Zinabu Tesfaw. The second session presentations and discussion was moderated by Dr. Abule Mehare from the EEA.  Participants have raised pertinent questions and comments which were reflected by all the presenters.

Finally, Dr. Degye Goshu, director of the research and policy analysis division of the EEA has made a closing remark.  In his remark, Dr. Degye has thanked all the paper presenters for completing their research work in short period of time, and participants for their valuable and active comment. He also appreciated EEA staff for organizing the event and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for financing the research and the event.

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